11 Plots in one day? No issue for Munditia Ltd!

Munditia Ltd was given the opportunity to give Springhead park and its five show homes a sparkle clean, inside and out! With an early start of 06:30, Munditia had arrived at Springhead Park with their biggest on site team to date to give the five properties the clean of a lifetime and tackle anything thrown at them head-on!

Starting on briefing the staff on what was about to happen and make sure they go through their routine checks upon arrival, Munditia gathered their gear, gave a big smile, then covered that smile with their masks (for protection from any viruses and to stop the spread of Covid-19) and went on their merry way to start cleaning the sites in front of them.

Each house, before any staff enter, gets sanitarily disinfected by the fogging machine owned by Munditia Ltd that kills the spread and contamination of Covid-19 to ensure safety of the employees and to ensure saftey of any potential customers viewing said houses as well as any employees of Countryside Properties. Once fogged, the staff persue the house, starting on the inside windows to ensure a crystal clear view of the outside of the houses for any viewers and remove any dust, dirt and powder from every corner of the house.

Once all the dust has been removed and the inspections and checklists have been completed, it’s time for the team to start collecting their gear, hoovering up the carpets to prestine conditions (including staircases) and finally to mop up and move onto the next house and repeat! After all that, Munditia still scheduled in their regular cleans for the Tuesday, proving working hard and maintaining standard is the Munditia way!

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